Where is the highlight of air suspension spring reflected?

When it comes to the air suspension spring, your first reaction may be to be tall. Indeed, air suspension is generally equipped in high-end models, which gives people the feeling that it is relatively high-end. But is the height of the air suspension only reflected here? Of course not. Its height is also reflected in its superior performance. This issue of air spring manufacturer gaumat to give you an introduction.

Air suspension helps improve the handling performance of the entire vehicle. For example, when crossing a bend at high speed, under the action of centrifugal force, the inner suspension will relax and the outer suspension will compress. If the vehicle exceeds a certain speed, it will be easy for the vehicle to get out of control. For vehicles equipped with air suspension, the air springs and shock absorbers of the outer wheels will be hardened automatically to reduce the body roll and improve the stability during cornering.


The air suspension can also lift the chassis. When passing through the non paved road at low speed, the chassis can be raised to improve the trafficability and further reduce the risk of chassis scratch. When driving at high speed, reduce body height, improve vehicle stability, reduce wind resistance and reduce fuel consumption.

In addition, when we usually brake, the front of the car will sink forward due to inertia. When the vehicle equipped with air suspension is in emergency braking, the computer will also increase the hardness of the air suspension of the front wheels to reduce the inertia forward tilt of the body and improve the comfort of the vehicle.

Generally speaking, the car with air spring has higher comfort, handling and trafficability than ordinary vehicles, which can fully reflect the height of air suspension.


Post time: Aug-17-2020