Shocked, how to avoid to buy the air suspension strut with fake sensor or ads

As one professional air suspension manufacturer, we have been in this line for more than 10 years.
We mainly supply the air springs, air suspension shocks, air suspension pump, air suspension 
valve blocks for Mercedes-Benz,Audi,Land Rover, BMW,Porsche, etc.

During the conversation with customers, we find some customers purchased the products at the prices
even lower than the production cost.
It turns out to be the air suspension shocks were assembled with fake sensors and you can not see from apperance at all.
If you are not expert, you do not know how to check if if real sensor or fake sensor, since the fake one also
can assemble and the car will not leakage to come down.
To help the customers to get to know about it and we do not mind to open the secretes.
We are willing to teach our customers to to get to know if the car suspension shock with real sensor or fake sensor

Firstly, after assembling, observe whether the car will automatically rise or fall according to the road conditions. 
For example, when parking, the body will automatically come lower, and when starting, the body will rise along 
with the shock absorber. 
But if you find that the body has always remained at a level, and it will not change according to the road conditions, 
then I am sorry, you may bought products with fake shock absorbers.

Secondly, if you are a repair shop or do not mind damaging the product, you can cut the product to view it, 
the difference was shown as following picture.

Guangzhou Bravo Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is one honest and responsible enterprise.
All our air suspension electronic sensor are real sensors.
Welcome all the customers to order.

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Post time: Jul-11-2020