How to identify and solve the sound problem of air suspension shock absorber?

Presumably everyone wants to know how to solve the sound of driving pothole ground shock absorber, then let’s take a look at it together.


There is a noise when driving the pothole ground shock absorber. If you want to solve it, you can only replace the shock absorber, which will cause this phenomenon because the parts are damaged.
The shock absorber is mainly responsible for absorbing vibration and shock caused by uneven ground, so that it can provide a good ride comfort for the vehicle occupants. And once the shock absorber is damaged, it will make a loud noise in the work process, then it will affect the normal driving of the driver. Shock absorber damage: When the vehicle shock absorber is damaged, there is a problem with the coordination of the components of the shock absorber, that is, it will make a rattling noise when working on the bumpy road section. Damping top rubber damage: The top rubber of the front shock absorber of the car is made of rubber material. The key function is to spread the shock absorber and shock absorbing spring to play a certain role in shock absorption and cushioning. When the shock absorber top rubber is damaged due to excessive wear, in addition to the noise when it is working, even if the shock absorber is not working, there may be noise when the steering wheel is moved in place.

Most of the driving noises on bumpy roads are:

1. Damage to the rubber sleeve of the balance bar;

2. There is a gap in the balance connection ball head.

3. There is a gap between the oil leakage of the shock absorber or the left and right pulling of the shock absorber;

4. The excessive wear of the shock absorber upper seat and the gap between the flat bearings;

5. The gap inside the steering gear affects the noise of the bumpy road;

6. There is a gap between the arm rubber sleeve and the ball head.

Post time: Apr-14-2020