why most expensive luxury cars like to use air suspension?

There are many types of car suspensions. The basic structure of similar suspensions is the same. The difference lies in the manufacturer’s adjustment. Therefore, many brands and many cars use the same suspension, but have different experiences. However, most high-end models now choose to use air suspension in their suspension options. So what are the advantages of air suspension to make these high-end models admire it?

The composition of the suspension includes elastic elements, guides, air suspension shock absorbers and stabilizers. Elastic elements usually refer to coil springs, leaf springs, air springs, rubber springs, etc. If an air spring is used as an elastic element to be applied to the suspension, a shock absorber with variable damping, air compressor, accumulator, control unit, front and rear axle height sensors, as well as body acceleration sensors, and air spring extension acceleration sensors are also configured and many more. The sensor transmits the collected signal to the control unit, and the control unit issues instructions after calculation to adjust the air spring hardness and shock absorber damping, so as to achieve the most ideal elastic state. The application of this technology is what we often call “air suspension”

Simply put, the use of air springs as elastic elements in the suspension is the biggest feature of air suspension. So what are the advantages of air suspension?


Control the hardness of the chassis

Air suspension can change the hardness of the car chassis by controlling the air pressure, so generally those high-end models that pursue comfort and require a sense of control will choose air suspension. It’s really “getting in the kitchen and getting out of the hall” to meet the greatest needs of consumers in the most reasonable way.

In addition, air suspension will also be applied to sports cars. But in sports cars, the role of air suspension is not to adjust the comfort of the car, but to maximize the control ability and solve some of the troubles in the daily use of the sports car. For example, if you pass a speed bump, the chassis will be easily scratched, but with air Suspension increases the height of the chassis, and this problem is basically solved.

Also, lowering the body can improve the handling of the vehicle. For example, when cornering at high speed, the air springs and shock absorbers of the outer wheels will automatically harden to reduce the body’s roll.

Strong plasticity

The air suspension can be adjusted manually, and the definition is different according to different models. The adjustment of the suspension is generally adjusted by the driver through the central control button or the suspension is judged according to the driving speed, or the vehicle adjusts the suspension soft and hard according to the relevant sensor data, which greatly improves the vehicle’s handling and riding comfort

In fact, air suspension is not a particularly high-end technology. This technology has been widely used in buses, and you may have discovered it when you take the bus. Yes, many buses also use air suspension, but although it is used in ordinary cars, it is only used in some high-end cars due to the high cost.

Technology extension

The air suspension also has traditional chassis automatic lifting technology. For example, when driving at high speed, the height of the vehicle is automatically reduced, thereby improving the grounding performance to ensure good high-speed driving stability, while reducing wind resistance and fuel consumption. When passing a bumpy road slowly, the chassis automatically rises to improve passing performance.

In addition, the air suspension system can automatically maintain the level of the vehicle body. The height of the vehicle body can be constant regardless of empty or full load, so that the spring stroke of the suspension system remains constant under any load, so that the shock absorption characteristics are basically not affected. Therefore, the body is easy to control even under full load.

Post time: Aug-10-2020